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  • Return International Flights

  • Airport Taxes

  • Visas (Where Applicable)

  • Land Transfers

  • 7 Nights’ Accommodation In New York City

  • 4* Hotel with Breakfast

  • 1 Full Day Hop on Hop Off Tour

  • A Visit to American Museum of Natural History

  • A Walk About in Central Park

  • An Opera Show (Tbc)

  • 5 Nights’ Accommodation in London

  • 4* Hotel with Breakfast

  • 1 Full Day Hop on Hop Off Tour

  • A Visit to Natural History Museum

Read about the UAE Ship Cruise

The LWOB Edu-conference on board a UAE Ship Cruise visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar, offers a unique and transformative opportunity to enhance education and foster collaboration among influential figures in the field. The cruise combines the allure of travel with the advantages of a comprehensive educational platform, where leaders can engage in meaningful discussions, exchange innovative ideas, and gain insights from diverse perspectives. By interacting with international educators, policymakers, and experts in a relaxed and immersive environment, attendees will be equipped with cutting-edge strategies and best practices to address the ever-evolving challenges in education. Moreover, the cruise fosters networking and partnership opportunities, leading to cross-cultural cooperation and knowledge-sharing initiatives that will undoubtedly enrich the global education landscape. Ultimately, this experience will empower leaders to become catalysts for positive change, driving advancements in education and positively impacting the lives of learners worldwide.