Stokvel Travel

National Destinations

Explore the heart and soul of our nation! From breathtaking landscapes to vibrant cities, our national destinations offer an unforgettable journey through the diverse tapestry of our country’s beauty and culture. Get ready to discover hidden gems and iconic landmarks right in your backyard.


Local Cruise

Wild Coast Sun

Global Destinations

Experience the world like never before! Our global destinations beckon with tantalizing adventures and enchanting wonders waiting to be uncovered. From remote paradises to bustling metropolises, each destination offers a tapestry of cultures, flavors, and landscapes to captivate your senses. Let your wanderlust take flight as you embark on a journey of discovery across continents and oceans

Hong Kong & Disneyland

Amsterdam, Venice, Paris & Rome

Bangkok & Phuket

UAE Ship Cruise (Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Qatar

Ship Cruise - Durban to Portuguese Islands

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Leaders without Borders Stokvel Travel allows members to pool their resources together and get discounts on travel packages. This means that members can travel to destinations they might not have been able to afford otherwise

Group travel

With Leaders without Borders Stokvel Travel, members get to travel in a group, which can be more enjoyable and less stressful. Group travel can also help members save on costs by sharing accommodation, transport, and other expenses.

Cultural exchange

Traveling with a group of people from different backgrounds can provide a unique opportunity for cultural exchange. Members can learn from each other's experiences and gain new perspectives on different cultures.

Safe and secure

Leaders without Borders Stokvel Travel ensures that its members travel safely and securely. The organization partners with reputable travel agencies and takes care of all the logistics, such as booking accommodations, transportation, and tours.

Access to exclusive destinations

Through Leaders without Borders Stokvel Travel, members can access exclusive travel destinations that might not be available to the general public.

Expert guidance

Leaders without Borders Stokvel Travel provides expert guidance on travel destinations and packages. Members can benefit from the knowledge and experience of travel experts and avoid common travel mistakes.

Networking opportunities

Traveling with Leaders without Borders Stokvel Travel can provide networking opportunities for members. Members can meet new people and form connections that can be beneficial for their personal and professional lives.

Shared experiences

Traveling with a group of like-minded people can create shared experiences and memories that can last a lifetime.

Customized packages

Leaders without Borders Stokvel Travel can provide customized travel packages that cater to the unique needs and preferences of its members.

Community building

Leaders without Borders Stokvel Travel promotes community building among its members. Members can come together and share their love for travel while building lasting friendships.