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Joining LWOB educational membership coaching programme is an excellent way to enhance your LEADERSHIP experience and take education to the next level. By joining our educational membership coaching programme, you will have access to a wide range of educational resources, including live classes, recorded lectures, online tutorials, and more.

Our coaching programme is designed to provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed in LEADING A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL, we pride ourselves in empowering you to lead with leadership excellence & achieve all your professional endeavors. With a community of like-minded leaders, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with other members, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. By taking advantage of all that our educational membership coaching programme has to offer, you can expand your knowledge and skills, boost your confidence and IMPROVE EDUCATION HOLISTICALLY.



21st August 2023


Emperors Palace, Johannesburg


Included in Membership

Leadership Development – Shifting Leadership

This masterclass can cover topics such as leadership styles, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and team-building.


This masterclass can cover topics such as integrating technology into the classroom, improving digital literacy, and using technology to support student learning.

Curriculum Development & Implementation

This masterclass can cover topics such as curriculum design, evaluation, and assessment, instructional design, and effective implementation strategies.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

This masterclass can cover topics such as strategic planning, goal-setting, and implementation planning to help principals develop and implement long-term plans that support the vision and mission of their schools.

Membership Subscription Terms & Conditions

Membership Subscription

As a member of Leaders without Borders, you agree to pay the annual membership subscription fee, which is non-refundable.

Membership Benefits

Members have access to exclusive resources, events, and opportunities related to education and leadership development. Benefits may include discounts on conferences, access to online courses, and opportunities to participate in professional development programs.


Leaders without Borders may terminate your membership at any time for violating any of the terms and conditions or for any other reason deemed appropriate by the organization.

Intellectual Property

Leaders without Borders may terminate your membership at any time for violating any of the terms and conditions or for any other reason deemed appropriate by the organization.


Members are expected to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully when interacting with other members and staff of Educators and Leaders without Borders. Any behavior that is deemed inappropriate, disrespectful, or harmful will not be tolerated, and members may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of membership.


Members agree to maintain the confidentiality of any information provided by Leaders without Borders that is marked as confidential. This includes personal information of other members, organization strategies, and internal processes.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Leaders without Borders may modify these terms and conditions at any time. Members will be notified of any changes, and it is their responsibility to review and accept the new terms and conditions.

Disclaimer of Liability

Leaders without Borders will not be liable for any damages or losses that may arise from the use of any materials or services provided to members, including but not limited to online courses, events, and professional development programs.


Members agree to indemnify Leaders without Borders harmless from any claims or damages arising from their use of the organization’s resources or participation in its events.


All Membership subscriptions MUST BE PAID up-front in the beginning of the year for the year, should a membership subscription be terminated during the year, there will be NO REFUNDS.