National SGB Workshop

About Our Workshop

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming National School SGB Workshop, which will be held in the vibrant city of Johannesburg. This event will bring together School Governing Bodies (SGBs) nationwide, providing a unique platform for educational leaders, parents, and school administrators to share insights, best practices, and innovative strategies for enhancing our school systems. Together, we are committed to ensuring our nation’s students a brighter future through effective SGB collaboration.


April 2024


Emperors Palace, Johannesburg

R2 150 pp


R6 450


Full Cost includes:

  • Full Day Workshop

  • 1 x Buffet Lunch

  • 2 x Tea

Conference topics include:

  • Financial Management for SGBs

  • Effective Communication and Collaboration with Principals

  • Strategic Planning for School Improvement

  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Legal and Ethical Responsibilities of SGBs

  • Conflict Resolution and Decision-Making