The Principals Alliance Coaching Membership

Leaders Without Borders Presents

The Principals Alliance Coaching Membership

2024 / 2025

School principals play a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape, influencing both students and educators. Becoming a member of The Principals Alliance Coaching Membership is an imperative investment for these educational leaders. Our Membership seamlessly integrates leadership management and technology, providing principals with a dynamic toolkit to navigate the challenges of modern education.

R 8880

Full Cost: Per Annum, Per Principal

Our Membership Includes

2 x Online

Transformative Leadership
24th July 2024 / 24th July 2025
Leadership Wellness
2nd October 2024 / 2nd October 2025

4 x ½ Hour
Business Consult
For School Improvements

1 x Face to Face

21st August 2024 / 21st August 2025 Venue: Emperors Palace
Time: 08:00AM – 16:00PM

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