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  • Domestic Transfers to Agra and Jaipur

  • Airport Taxes

  • Land Transfers

  • 5 Nights’ Accommodation in Dehli

  • 4* Hotel with Breakfast & Dinner

  • 1 Full Day Tour

  • 2 Nights’ Accommodation in Agra

  • 4* Hotel with Breakfast & Dinner

  • 1 Full Day Tour

  • 2 Nights’ Accommodation in Jaipur

  • 4*Hotel Accommodation with Breakfast & Dinner

Read about India

Leaders Without Borders (LWOB) offers unparalleled leadership empowerment to participants who join the transformative school tour to India, covering the vibrant cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. This immersive experience goes beyond the typical tourist journey, providing a unique opportunity for leaders to broaden their perspectives, engage in cross-cultural learning, and strengthen their leadership skills. Through a carefully curated itinerary, participants will interact with local communities, educational institutions, and influential figures, gaining valuable insights into the diverse social, economic, and educational landscapes of India. LWOB’s expert facilitators will conduct workshops, seminars, and reflective sessions, enabling leaders to enhance their problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and cross-cultural communication. By fostering empathy and understanding, this school tour equips leaders to navigate complex challenges and embrace diversity, creating a positive impact in their communities and organizations upon their return.