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  • Return International Flights

  • Airport Taxes

  • Land Transfers

  • Hotel with Breakfast & Dinner

  • 3 Nights’ Accommodation in Amsterdam

  • 3 Nights’ Accommodation in Venice

  • 3 Nights’ Accommodation in Paris

  • 3 Nights’ Accommodation in Rome

Read about Europe

Leaders should enthusiastically join the LWOB History-Tour to the charms of Europe, visiting enchanting cities like Amsterdam, Venice, Paris, and Rome, as it promises a transformative and enriching experience. This captivating journey offers the opportunity to delve into the depths of European history, art, and culture, providing invaluable insights that can inspire innovative leadership. Exploring the iconic landmarks and historical sites of these cities will allow leaders to gain a broader perspective on the evolution of societies, politics, and human progress, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs faced by past leaders. Furthermore, interacting with diverse cultures and communities along the way will foster empathy and open-mindedness, equipping leaders with the essential qualities needed to navigate an increasingly interconnected and globalized world. The LWOB History-Tour offers an unparalleled chance for leaders to rejuvenate their vision, creativity, and strategic thinking, making it a truly unmissable opportunity for personal and professional growth.