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Leaders Without Borders
Coaching Academy of Excellence

Leaders Personalized Coaching Programme
Middle Management Coaching
Leaders Personalized
Coaching Course
1 Year Course - 1 Online Training Session per month
This course is suggested for Principals, Vice-Principals or HODs, or those aspiring the position.

1-on-1 coaching on the following:

• Transitioning from Leadership
 11 Shifts Every Leader Has to Make
• Conflict Resolution
• Communication Excellence
• Learning How to Leadershift
• Performance Improvement
• Effective Management
• Mastering the Four Stages of
 Professional Development
• Managing Technilogy & Innovation

Middle Management
Coaching Course
2 x 2 Hour Masterclass on the following:

• Excellent Communication Skills
• Emotional Intellegence
• Performance Management Proficiency
• Collaboration & Solid Decision-making Skills

Student Coaching
Professional Development
Student Group
Coaching Course
In house training on the following topics:

• Stress Management
• Overcoming Laziness and Comfort Zones
• Working Smart Towards Academic Excellence
• Self-Management
• Mind-Power and Leadershift for Young Learners
• 7 Essential Life Skills to Excel in Life

Professional Development
Coaching Course
1 Year Course - 1 Online Training Session per month
3 Month Course We Cover the following:

• Mastering Emotional Intelligence
• 3 Skills for Effective Administration
• Personal Development to Improve your Work Ethos
• G.A.T.E - Greatness Archived Through Excellence
• Efectively Managing the Office with Technology
• Administrative Skills and Etiquette
• Business Literacy
• Communication and Office Management

Beginners Office Administration
Beginners Office
Administration Course
4 week crash course
This course includes 4 x 1 hour masterclasses
coaching on the following modules:

• Office & Business ettiquette
• Basic Computer Skills
• Communication
• Effective Office Management

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